Mixt by Nykaa Fashion


Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The brand Mixt is tailor-made for Gen Z and the values they represent. For those who are fluid, bold, unapologetic, and free. MIXT encourages self-expression and individuality. Designed for the groundbreakers of tomorrow, a dynamic partner for your uninhibited expression.

Gen Z has devised an efficient process to make quicker decisions owing to the plethora of information they consume. We’ve strongly considered these caveats while building Mixt. Our experience with fashion brands in the past proved to be insightful and helped us position Mixt such that it cuts through all the noise. We aim to cement Mixt as the go-to fashion choice for all of Gen Z’s countenances and to position it for quick, resonant, and easily accessible apparel backed by authentic brand values and a strong compassionate community.

Mixt carries a plethora of modern apparel options like tops, bodysuits, corsets, dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, cardigans, footwear, and more. The sheer variety of trend-setting apparel and footwear allows them to satiate Gen Z’s ever-evolving demands. The process of cracking the visual identity for Mixt proved to be an interesting challenge. The bold colors and typography add a stark and refreshing identity to the brand that is not bounded by any gender, role, or norms. We are excited to see how the brand grows with its unique identity and stirs up the fashion scene in the country. The competition in the current fashion landscape is vast and what the audience really want is a brand that’s authentic and true to its values. Mixt has been built to fill those gaps and it presents itself as a robust and flexible option for our audience’s unwavering expression.