Curious Potion is our idea to mark a 10 year milestone for our company. More importantly to say a big thank you to our clients and to honour the great people and relationships we’ve enjoyed over the years.

The deep purple colour in this amazing Bloody Shiraz Gin made by Four Pillars inspired the thought of a Curious Potion. There’s a theory that drinking just the right amount can aid creative cognition, which we believe is a blood alcohol level around 0.075. Any more can have the opposite effect (but at least you‘ll enjoy yourself). After all, we’re celebrating 10 years here and it’s ok to let one slide.

The team here is constantly curiously evolving. We are forward thinkers with specialist skills and a desire to learn new things. ‘In good spirits’ represents the fact that we have fun and having a laugh helps ideas bubble to the surface without having to force them.

Creative Platform is a specialist design studio with a talented team of diverse collaborators. Our goal is to create unique consumer brands and packaging that people love. Focussing on quality, care and honesty. We’re hands-on specialists and we keep it simple.

We create design platforms which help build momentum and long-term success for our clients’ brands, products and business. We believe brands need a meaningful purpose to create and maintain strong relationships with their customers.

We’re proud of this business and the great times we’ve had as a team hence we marked the bottle starting from 2012 to now 2022. The bottle has been labelled with a clear window that has our starting date ’12 with a transparent ’22 underneath. This reveals itself once you drink the gin.

We partnered with CCL to print the labels on a high-end prototype machine which allowed us to experiment and test the stocks, colours, die-cuts and foil stamping. The quality and finishes are amazing!