Rollins Whiskey – Packaging refresh and limited edition whiskey.  We refreshed the Rollins brand by crafting the old-style small batch charm and embellishing premium qualities. We developed a richer visual story of its historic frontier origins, increasing authenticity amongst discerning whiskey drinkers. A rich history of Tennessee Whiskey, Rollins pays homage to the farmers of the western frontier who made small batch Whiskey to supplement their income.

The frontiersmen, would turn their surplus grain into whiskey to be used as currency for trading, cash wasn’t something widely used in the west. The whiskey tax was introduced to help settle the government war debt from the American Revolution, causing a mass uprising and thus began the Whiskey Rebellion Rollins owes much to the rebellious farmers of the west, who against all odds won their fight against tyranny, creating a lasting legacy worth its weight in gold.