Jinjiang Spring – Natural drinking water


Mayang Mountain Spring Natural Water Association—Jinjiang Spring.

Concept selling points focus on sorting, product layout extension, and series product packaging design.

Longevity Miaojiang, Ma Yangchun. The source of drinking water is located in the Mayangmiao River in the Huangshan Mountains in western Hunan. Among them, Mayang is a rare hometown of longevity in China. There are many national and provincial nature reserves in and around the area. Due to its unique physical geography and climatic characteristics, it has bred many rare species. Including black langur, ginkgo, yew, egret, etc. According to the actual situation of the project and changes in the consumer market, we combine the core concepts and selling points of the brand: Longevity Miaojiang, Mayangquan, and integrate relevant animal, plant and text information into it to create its unique visual system to help brand communication and series. Product sales.