XDOVVIO Japanese pet litter


DOVVIO pet food brand from Japan, where the essence of a cozy, freehand pet life takes center stage. As we delve into the intricacies of the packaging design for White Jade cat litter, we discover a narrative that skillfully weaves together the brand’s core values and the cultural identity of its regional consumers.

The design screen subtly communicates the brand’s focus on enhancing the lives of pet owners, extending its product layout with a thoughtful series of packaging designs. White Jade cat litter, an integral part of the brand’s offerings, captures the essence of a tranquil feline existence, primarily captivating the Japanese market.

Looking forward, the brand aspires to expand its reach throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and this packaging design lays the groundwork for that journey. The illustrations gracefully depict action scenes, showcasing cats in moments of play and recreation. Executed in an expressive ink style, these scenes not only add visual allure but also serve as a powerful means to convey the brand’s concepts.

The charm of this design lies in its ability to reflect the core values of DOVVIO—offering a better life for pets and their owners—through the lens of a comfortable and content cat. Each stroke of the ink illustrations recreates the joyous dynamics of cats at play, resonating with potential consumers and creating an emotional connection that goes beyond the product itself.

In essence, the DOVVIO pet food brand’s packaging design for White Jade cat litter seamlessly blends cultural identity, brand focus, and a forward-looking perspective, promising not just a product but a harmonious lifestyle for pets and their owners throughout the diverse landscapes of the Asia-Pacific region.

Creative Director: Gao Peng
Designer: Gao Peng
Illustrator: He Changhong Yuan Jing


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