In the present and future, the bond between brands, products, and consumers is evolving, fostering a closer connection that enables consumers to engage in spontaneous communication and interactive sharing. This transcends conventional forms of communication and promotion.

DOVVIO, a Japanese pet cat food brand, is actively working to enhance its product and brand visibility. In 2024, we are set to introduce promotional items, including freeze-dried and canned pet food, in physical stores across Tokyo. To optimize costs and align with project requirements, we devised a cat-shaped structural packaging box adorned with the brand’s logo graphics (without adhesive). This innovative design encourages consumers to express themselves freely by drawing pictures or creating personal logos in the designated blank spaces on the box.

The drawn boxes, along with the creative process, organically spread and gained traction on the internet, as some consumers shared their unique contributions. Simultaneously, the brand recycled select boxes, carefully screening and utilizing them for display purposes in physical stores. This not only contributed to environmental sustainability but also significantly bolstered brand awareness and the dissemination of our brand image.

Creative Director: Gao Peng
Designer: Gao Peng
Illustrator: Gao Peng Design Team + Consumer