Jinjiang spring mother and baby water and tea water



Solve the problem: On the premise of cost saving, Combining creative design with industrial structure manufacturing models, On the premise of maintaining the overall visual image system, Returning to the brand’s own advantages, Solve consumer cognition in sub-category markets.

Description of work: Mother and baby water

There are two layout products jointly launched by Jinjiang Spring and Mayang Mountain Spring Water Association. At present, we are strengthening the product brand product line through finely subdividing product categories, Create large-capacity natural drinking water products based on subdivided fields. The industrially manufactured top of the sphere is integrated into the landscape element-shaped anti-compression structure, The vitreous part increases the display area and at the same time integrates into the reinforced structure of the water corrugated state, Taking into account the saving of the vitreous body to produce this product and the compression resistance and firmness of the large-capacity vitreous body. The design of the bottle label still continues the overall visual style of Jinjiangquan. At the same time, based on the consumption characteristics of specific scenarios, Incorporate tea cups, tea leaves, teapots, mother and baby elements into the category names, The unique visual recognition of the subdivided shapes and categories should not be remembered.