Tai Lin – Bird’ Nest : [Stylish yet striking] Resize


9th Fl Sethiwan Tower 139 Pan Rd Silom Bangrak Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Tai Lin – Bird’ Nest : [Stylish yet striking] Resize – Packaging Design Project


Current product from Tai Lin Bird’s Nest comes in a 10-20 pieces of dried bird’s nest packaging, which is suitable for buying in bulk but is quite expensive. To make the purchase easier and more frequent for new customers, or position it as a souvenir, the packaging is changed to be more premium and compact with 2 pieces of dried bird’s nest per box.

Idea: [Stylish yet striking]

Bird’s nest placed on shredded paper that looks like hay and can protect the products gives off natural and rustic vibe. Bird’s nest is visible through a transparent triangle window. When opened, there are two layers of boxes and product can be seen clearly and strikingly. On shelf, the packaging will create more impact when staked against each other. Special editions of the product can be differentiated with new colors.


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