Sparrow Design


Creation of visual identification and packaging design for the Jauer craft brewery.

The Jauer Brewery comes from Lower Silesia, and more specifically from Nowa Wieś Legnicka. The name “Jauer” is the German name of the city of Jawor, which is located in Poland and in the past, under German rule, that was the city’s official name. In 1312, the Jawor district was vested to the second son of Bolko I the Strict, prince Henry I of Jawor, who granted the town numerous privileges, including the right to brew beer. This is a unique spot on the map of craft breweries. All beers here are brewed from specially selected varieties of malt and hops.

The key element building the brewery’s brand identity is the original, unique, creative logo. It features a combination of the images of two characters – Ms. Jauer (a woman with hop cones in her dress) and Mr. Pils (a man with barley elements). These characters allude to the main ingredients of beer. They are holding mugs in their hands, which is a characteristic tribute to the brewing tradition and brewing craftsmanship. The typography used features the blackletter typeface, inspired by the German gothic font. It brings together the classic and the contemporary. The logo proudly reflects the brand’s values.

We have designed the labels in a consistent style, where the central part of the composition is a golden logotype. Individual products are distinguished by a vivid and distinct colour scheme. On the labels, we have highlighted messages that clearly inform about the key features of all flavours in the collection.

So far, 3 beers have been launched on the market: Pils, Pszeniczne (Wheat) and Amercian Pale Ale. The Jauer brewery’s new image which we created was supplemented with additional visual materials prepared for the brand.