Maślanka Mrągowska Redesign

Sparrow Design


Mrągowska buttermilk packaging redesign – Redesign opakowań Maślanki Mrągowskiej.

The history of Mrągowska buttermilk began in 1997. Mrągowska buttermilk is a refreshing milk drink, created on the basis of a regional recipe from Masuria. Tasty, refreshing; a source of calcium and protein. The best-selling buttermilk in Poland. In 2022, it celebrated its 25th birthday, receiving a new graphic design.

SparrowDesign, together with Elopak – a packaging manufacturer, and Mlekpol – the owner of the brand, refreshed the entire line of the popular Mrągowska buttermilk.

All commercially available Mrągowska buttermilk containers of 1L and 500 ml: natural, strawberry, stracciatella, multifruit with forest fruits, baked apples, mango-cardamom and peach underwent a graphic redesign.

The aim of the project was to maintain further recognition of the brand, increase the appetizing character of packaging, as well as clearly distinguish between individual flavour variants of the product. New designs give it a fresh interpretation and add appetizing energy. Changes were made to the logo design – the iconic sailboat got wind in its sails and was also refreshed. In the central part of the design, we have a dynamic wave of buttermilk in which appetizing fruits are immersed, emphasizing the intense flavour of buttermilk. The application of colours for individual flavours makes it easy to locate products on a store shelf.

Mrągowska buttermilk is poured into cardboard, liquid food containers. This is the most sustainable, recyclable packaging, which means that all raw materials used in production can be recovered and reused.

The new Mrągowska buttermilk is a perfect refreshing drink for every part of the day.