“Polaris” Packaging design, series of berry-flavored non-alcoholic carbonated drinks.

Uniqueness of the brand.
The concept of the new brand was to uniquely produce drinks based on berries grown in the wild environment of the Arctic Circle. The place where these berries grow is a frost-resistant “refrigerator” for freezing naturally. Drinks made from the berries of these places are traditional and ancient recipes for drinks – compotes, morses, tinctures on alcohol and non-alcoholic and other types of drinks. The brand has created its own recipe that incorporates both traditional berry inclusion and modern carbonated beverage technology.

Design Images.
The original and distinctive features of the Arctic Circle were taken as images in the design. The northern lights as a symbol of the unique places associated with cold and bright taste at the same time. The author’s vector patterns of the northern lights are made for each taste individually, and reflect the colors in accordance with the perception of the taste of the drink. Another image: the reindeer, the proud symbol of the North. The reindeer antlers are stylized as tree branches with forest and polar berries growing on them. The symbol became the logo, together with the logo – a smooth distortion of the original type.

A series of drinks.
Three drink flavors were created at the launch, these are the original flavors of unusual berries for drinks. Polar lingonberry is a red berry with high natural content of vitamin C. Polar gooseberry is a green, sour berry with B vitamins and serotonin. And blackberries are a more traditional and understandable berry for the audience.