Kyrgyzstan’s Dried Fruits

Alexey Lysogorov

Experience the pure essence of Kyrgyzstan’s finest dried fruits. The transparent windows on the packaging showcase a vibrant array inside, including dried apples, apricots, raisins, walnuts, rosehips, and more.

Objective and Challenge:
Craft a simple yet original design, distinct from the conventional template. It should not compromise on quality, avoiding a cheap appearance while maintaining a clean and straightforward aesthetic. Infuse associations of manual labor in berry and fruit harvesting, emphasizing the pure and bright taste without chemicals or additives.

Design Concept:
Hand-painted strokes convey the natural and original flavor of the product. Minimalistic graphics, symbolizing the absence of chemicals and unnecessary additives, allow the product to speak for itself. This design invites consumers to savor the authenticity and pure taste.

Educational Approach:
Flip the packaging to discover more about the product’s advantages and get acquainted with Kyrgyzstan.


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