Alexey Lysogorov

Design: Alexey Lysogorov
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Project Type: Produced
Client: Fiesta Pizza
Product Launch Location: Kyrgyzstan
Packaging Contents: Pizza
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard box
Printing Process: Silkscreen printing

A new brand of pizza, more than twenty types of classic and original pizza for every taste. Among the brand’s advantages: huge pizza sizes (half a meter in diameter for large groups). The brand is aimed at a young audience, for holidays and big fun parties, but at the same time it conveys the classic motif of the familiar pizza.

A clear design for most audiences is the triangular shape of the logo in the form of a large slice of pizza. A calligraphic lettering has been created for the brand name, figuratively reflecting the character and style of the brand. Celebration, entertainment, big companies and different tastes – all this is reflected in the design. The broadly written letters of the name are reminiscent of the bright touches of a chef preparing his masterpiece. Small graphic elements inside the design – different delicious pizza toppings or different entertainment at a party.

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