Alexey Lysogorov

White River™ |  Packaging Branding

Complete rebranding of about a hundred items of dairy products for famous dairy brand of Kyrgyz Republic. The author’s vector illustration, which fully reflects the meaning of the trademark, became the basis of the design concept. This is both a literal correspondence to the name, and positive patriotism (attractiveness of the country), this is the main message of the brand: naturalness in every product.

The design favorably emphasizes the contrast display of products: a general white bottom and a colorful bright top. The entire product line is easy to read and recognize (even without showing the brand logo), and the bright top of the tonal landscape perspective is the most attractive to any viewer.A hidden design feature inside the typography: a White River flows inside all the letters of the product names!



Alexey Lysogorov
: Alexey Lysogorov
White River