Adams Supplement is a Romanian food supplements brand that has been on the market for about 15 years with no significant brand development and communication actions so far. Yet, its founder felt the need to update the brand image, referring to the product packaging mainly, to keep the business safe in a category with ever growing competition pressure and consumer expectations. Our first assessment of the current status revealed the brand was too generic, with no positioning and attributes to build on, and an outdated and inconsistent packaging design. Therefore, we needed to rebuild the brand from scratch.

We started with a comprehensive market analysis, followed by a qualitative consumer research, in order to discover Adam’s target audience and how the brand can answer to its needs and expectations in a way that differentiates it from the competition. Thus, we identified the positioning opportunity that led us to building the new Adams, with a relevant brand platform, a fresh identity and a bold packaging design. Though the rebrand took our client out of the comfort zone, the new Adams brand and the first sales results after its relaunch in July this year seem to have removed any doubts, placing the business on a promising growth track.