Beyondesign recently developed the brand strategy and language for Open Secret, a brand that caters to new-age moms who strive to provide the best for their families and is dedicated to creating healthy, guilt-free snacking options that not only taste great but are also made with the best quality ingredients.

The packaging for Open Secret is designed to embody the brand’s ideology of un-junking all-time favourite snacks. The packaging is created to be appealing and engaging to the target audience. It features bright colours and playful typography, which immediately grabs attention and creates a positive, cheerful vibe. The packaging language conveys this message by highlighting the brand’s unique product offerings and combinations. This helps the consumer to associate the brand with innovative and exciting flavours, while also reinforcing the idea that healthy snacking doesn’t have to be boring.

Moreover, the packaging is designed to build trust and confidence in the quality of Open Secret’s products. It features key messaging that emphasizes the brand’s commitment to using only the best quality ingredients.

In conclusion, Beyondesign has created packaging language for Open Secret that perfectly embodies the brand’s ideology of providing healthy, guilt-free snacking options for families. The packaging design is engaging, playful, and informative, which helps to build a connection with the target audience. It showcases the brand’s unique offerings, quality ingredients, and commitment to health and wellness.