Tastes of the world



Tastes of the World is the first Russian brand in the segment of healthy exotic snacks, broadcasting the idea of traveling around the world through an acquaintance with the unique tastes of local cuisine. The brand was created for people who strive for new experiences and do not want to choose between taste and benefits.

BRANDEXPERT branding agency “Island of Freedom” has restyled the “Tastes of the World”, and created a logo and corporate identity, packaging and label design. Professional photography was carried out, a website and a product catalog design were developed.

The updated logo, which uses the author’s fonts, is easy to read and looks attractive, highlighting the brand against the background of competitors. The rounded shape of the logo is associated with the unification of space, which is ideal for a brand associated with a variety of tastes and cuisines of the world.

The use of rich, saturated colors in combination with various fonts and textures makes the corporate identity bright and recognizable.

Product packaging design solutions make the brand look unified. The packaging has a light, clean design, corresponding to modern design trends.

As part of the “Tastes of the World” brand development project, professional photography was carried out, thanks to which the necessary material was collected for the positioning and communication of the brand both offline and online.

The agency’s designers have created an aesthetically attractive and informative catalog design, which presents a wide range of products, including a variety of tastes from around the world.

The Tastes of the World website was developed taking into account the latest trends in web design, which provides the user with ease of navigation and a pleasant visual perception. The website design fully reveals the original character of the brand, which is based on a bright variety of styles and tastes. This result was achieved thanks to the unique content prepared by the agency’s specialists: author’s illustrations, photographs and texts create an amazing travel atmosphere.


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