HAJOK Design

Mühlenkamp, Hamburg, Deutschland

Modern Classic

The traditional Sarotti brand is the market leader in Germany with its premium TIAMO truffle range. The new packaging design was to have a much more emotional, high-quality and contemporary look, arousing the desire for chocolates and encouraging people to buy them as presents.

After the successful launch of CHERRY N°, the HAJOK design team further developed the modern brand world for Sarotti TIAMO. The premium truffles were elaborately photographed in our in-house studio and presented on-pack in a particularly aesthetic way.

The elegant sub-brand logo conveys the high quality of the truffle pralines. The golden heart symbol is key for range recognition and is printed with hot foil to create this small yet elegant detail.

The heart-shape also forms an intrinsic visual element of the graphic background pattern. The eye-catching inverted Sarotti logo gracing the coloured side panels adds a sense of modernity.