Restoria Chief redesign


Москва, Россия

Taste lively, live tastily: redesign of the Restoria Chief pack

About the project

Restoria Chief brand has been present on the shelves of the Pyaterochka chain for several years. However, by conducting a study it was determined that the packaging exterior of all Restoria Chief products does not express its main qualities (taste, freshness and convenience) well. Put simply, it turned out to be too neutral. Even though the brand conveys the general feeling of warmth, coziness, homely atmosphere and a menu in a family restaurant, it lacked emotions and readability.

We and the Pyaterochka chain store are united by a long and fruitful partnership. This is why once the marketing team faced the matter of rebranding their own brand of precooked products, Restoria Chief, they chose to contact Ohmybrand.


The task before us was to revise the design concept of this line of pre-cooked food and to compile the guide for working with it, all while abiding by several terms:

  • Memorability should go up
  • Products should be more strictly differentiated within one category
  • At the same time, the packaging should not lose the recognizability achieved over many years

What did Ohmybrand do:

  • Reworked the layout of package design cleaned up superfluous, made font more readable, added new clear claims
  • Developed style of the food zone: retained the gravure style and added some color
  • Designed the food zone in such manner as to help the buyers and sellers distinguish even similar products, for example, beet salad and vinaigrette
  • Wrote a detailed guide with recommendations on the utilization of the new design


Pre-cooked food Restoria Chief arrived on the shelves of stores in the fall of 2022.



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Москва, Россия
Creative director: Nadezhda Parshina
Designer: Ivan Zhinzhin
Project manager: Anna Tzhareva
Project manager: Ekaterina Kruchkova