LionPeng Design Studio


Packaging, starting from printing, is a waste. By designing this packaging and combining it with the product, the “Lion Palace” wine mooncake gift box has made consumers realize that the packaging is also worth collecting. This type of packaging that can be easily discarded makes environmental protection the greatest possible.

The design inspiration comes from the lion head door buckle on the ancient Chinese palace gate, representing the Chinese people’s pursuit of high-level power. In terms of necessity, door buckles are essential for official rank, but to some extent, door buckles are luxury goods. Therefore, by meticulously engraved lion buttons on the packaging, combined with the palace gate on the outer box, and combining Chinese brewed wine with traditional mooncakes, it interprets people’s cultural inheritance and pursuit of quality in the era of consumer upgrading.

The overall packaging material is made of recyclable copper sheet paper, and the pattern is embossed to minimize printing. The outer box adopts a clever line pull design technique, and when the door is opened, the mooncake box slowly rises, symbolizing the great rise of this lion in China. When the upper and lower edges of the outer box merge, they form the outline of the palace eaves, retaining this perfect detail, which is the ultimate expression of the wine mooncake gift box named “Lion Palace”.