Derrick Lin


It’s not just about smelling good; it’s about feeling the vibe of each day.

Step into a fragrant journey with Arielle Shoshana, where each day has its own scent story. Brooklyn-based creative studio, Wade and Leta, turned fragrances into time capsules, capturing the essence of each day in a bottle.

Imagine matching scents to your days – Mondays feel different from Fridays, right?

The packaging custom caps that hint at the fragrance’s energy – the bubbly circle takes center stage, a simple yet impactful shape that speaks volumes about the joyous essence of the scents.. Plus, the design dances between labels and boxes, blending colors like an artist’s palette.

Picture these beauties on your shelf, a colorful lineup that tells your week’s tale even before you spritz. Arielle Shoshana isn’t selling scents; they’re selling a lifestyle, bottled. It’s a whiff of joy, a spritz of memories, and a promise of days that smell divine.

Brand: Arielle Shoshana

Design: Wade and Leta