Red Rice And Egg Yolk Pot

LionPeng Design Studio


This is a red gold egg yolk pot made in Yuanyang, Yunnan, China, belonging to the packaging design of rural revitalization. The background story tells the story of Yuanyang terraced red rice produced in the Hani terraced fields of Yuanyang, a world cultural heritage site. It is an excellent variety planted by the Hani people for over 1300 years. Despite years of change and changes, terraced red rice still maintains its unique quality for thousands of years.

The design is based on the illustration of Yuanyang red rice terraces, and this color visual language reflects the purity of primitive agriculture, high-quality products as the foundation, and sales promotion as the source of rural revitalization. The first impression is to attract consumers. Combined with the online AI painting platform Midjournal, the designer inputs keywords to generate this original Yuanyang terraced field with an artistic sense, highlighting the emotional value of the “beauty of origin” of the red gold egg yolk pot. Known as one of the “Top Ten Most Beautiful Terraces in the World”, its geographical value has been recognized by consumers. The next step is to break through the psychological level and generate an order demand. Its red rice shape further highlights its identity, creating a visual psychological suggestion of “product formula”. Design a tearable seal on the packaging structure for easy opening and storage.

In the dimension of brand endorsement, Yuanyang Terraced Red Rice geographical text logo has been added, echoing the brand impression of “high quality”. The overall packaging is closely linked to the color scheme and design techniques of terraced fields and red rice, giving the packaging a sense of “high quality” delicacy and providing consumers with high emotional value. The overall design is elegant, simple, and efficient in conveying, providing consumers with clear purchasing logic and laying a good foundation for conveying brand impressions.