Derrick Lin


Growin’s packaging design is inspired by their brand identity of “taste natural and comfortable life”. Every time you grab a bag of Growin coffee, you can see the coffee tree’s life cycle on it. Each stage shows a different roasting flavor – light, medium, and dark- from the small buds to the flowers and then the fruits. It’s like having a coffee farm in your hands!

What makes this design stand out is how it combines fruit growth with the daily life of people. You can see people doing their normal activities next to the coffee’s development. It’s as if they’re saying, “We care for this coffee as much as you care for your life.” It’s a smart way of creating a bond between you and the product, making you feel like you’re part of the coffee’s journey.

And how about the colors? Each flavor has its own distinct shade, which helps you choose your favorite and brightens up your coffee shelf! And what’s brilliant is how they keep a consistent design style across all the packaging. It’s like a coffee family where each one has its own character, but they all share the same origin.

And the people in these drawings? They’re not just random. They have this smooth, yoga-like posture. It’s almost like making and drinking the coffee is a peaceful, relaxing experience. Who would have thought coffee could be so Zen?