Reliquia de Barita is the new wine from Bodega Castro Mendi. It is the winery’s top wine and receives its name in homage to the barite mine that was located in the town where the winery is located.

Taking this mineral as a concept, the front label is an interpretation of the crystallization of barite. A complex die that allows light to pass through as you drink the wine, which together with the rainbow laser stamping make a very elegant and striking set that simulates this precious stone. On the neck of this stylized bottle we created a collar that functions as a capsule decoration and simulates the augers that were used in the old mine. All bottles are limited edition and come with their individual box that is also die-cut and with a stamping sheet.

Curator’s Insight

The front label’s interpretation of barite crystallization is not just visually stunning; it’s a clever play on the idea of wine aging and maturing over time. The design creates a multisensory experience for the consumer. As you hold the bottle, you can feel the embossed crystalline patterns, enhancing the tactile element of the packaging.