Wiping away the competition – with a Sorbent Rebrand.

With an undeniable connection to Australia, we saw the opportunity to convert this into an emotional resonance that distinguished Sorbent from its competitors. Representing the egalitarian nature of the bathroom and the activities that occur in there was the foundation for a new tone of voice that was distinctly ‘Australian’ and distinctly Sorbent.

One that was inclusive, endearing and relatable.

A touch of larrikin and unashamedly honest, this tone shaped the visual identity and packaging design solution. One that was inclusive, endearing and relatable.

The new brand system celebrates Sorbent’s proud history in supporting Australians with the introduction of new character asset ‘Sunny’ the Cockatoo, a modernised brandmark and revitalised colour system, along with a portfolio architecture system that enhances product and benefit navigation.


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