Mr Chen’s is a family-owned business that has been bringing Australian’s the best of Yum Cha for over 40 years. An authentic Australian success story, Mr Chen’s is a brand that believes that great food should be shared, which is why they have created a range designed to give Australians more time to savour meals with the people they love.

Chen Foods partnered with The Edison Agency to rejuvenate the story and visual identity of their brand and expand its appeal to a new generation of Asian food consumers. The Edison Agency’s solution has amplified the unique Chen family story and created a fresh, flexible, and dynamic design system that unifies the range across categories and pricing tiers. Anchored to the new positioning, “Family Flavour Experts”, the new packaging captures the authentic spirit of the Chen family with light-hearted stories and anecdotes connected to the flavours, process and eating experience of the family’s most-loved recipes.

An unpretentious, warm and modern aesthetic transforms each product into a canvas for authentic storytelling. The real people behind the brand, their love of flavour and cooking has been celebrated across the whole range with hand crafted illustrations inspired by the family – Grandpa Yeye’s Classic dumplings, Grandma Nainai’s Seafood range and Sister Meimei’s modern plant-based products.

The result is a human-centred design solution that connects the passion of the Chen family, past and present with a new generation of Asian food lovers.


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