LionPeng Design Studio


This is a Baijiu from Shaoshan, Hunan Province, China, founded in 1870. There are 32 intangible cultural heritage craft pits in the distillery, and the brewing water is sourced from deep mineral water 30 meters underground.

The inspiration for packaging design comes from the Maofu Distillery itself. The design on the shoulder of the bottle is derived from the imperial gift wine bottle of Tang Rengui, a military officer of the first rank, who was the predecessor of the distillery. The waistband design in the middle of the bottle shape is derived from the water tower built in 1973. The pattern on the lower part of the bottle is a minimalist restoration of the winery gate using modern patterns. In the design of the gift box, a Chinese-style fan-shaped structure is adopted. Opening this bottle of wine is like opening a folding fan, with delicate and delicate sketches inside, telling the story of the elegant brewing environment where the winery and nature coexist harmoniously. The saying goes that a good environment brews good wine, and good wine naturally fragrance, which is also implied in this painting.

The packaging design from top to bottom and from inside to outside showcases the breadth and depth of Chinese brewing culture, as well as the local customs and traditions of Hunan Shaoshan Distillery, endowing this product with a profound liquor culture.