Studio Boam

Experimental creative studio specializing in the drinks, wines and spirits sector.

See you under Hellenic skies

Delia is a true meeting of Greek antiquity and the modern world through a subtle meeting between the formal and visual.

This name has its origins in the Greek “delio” – originating from the island of Delios, the native land of the goddess of the hunt Artemis, who it is said was born there.

Delia is olive oil raised to the rank of elixir, where the bottle takes on a central importance for the overall design.

Indeed, our design is based on 2 forms: the olive and the Greek amphora.

From these 2 elements, we have developed a somewhat atypically shaped, round, and organic bottle, to which we have added the idea of transformation, like the passage of time on a ripening olive.

The label curving around our bottle speaks to authenticity and modernity. Linear typography for “Délia” and handwritten text for “Olive Oil” play with textures through the transparent varnish and green hot stamping.

Sign of an exceptional product, Délia Olive Oil borrows certain codes from the domain of spirits and luxury, expressed through its texture, embossing and assertive styling. The calligraphy and other graphic elements such as the illustrations are made by hand, in the studio by our team.

Each element making up the label tells us something about the provenance of the product and its delicious flavor.

Délia is a journey through time, Greece and ancient myth.