Derrick Lin


Today for our curator’s insight, we take a dive into Keyobi’s innovative packaging design for their diapers. It’s clear that Keyobi has a unique approach to connecting products with consumers, and their commitment to enhancing the brand image through packaging is quite evident.

What sets this design apart is the use of the super cute BB bear as a spokesperson. This choice is not just visually appealing but also emotionally engaging. The furry texture, cute expression, and fresh colors of the bear immediately draw consumers in and cleverly associates the bear with the soft and skin-friendly characteristics of the diaper, creating an instant connection.

One particularly creative aspect is the placement of the tearing opening on the packaging bag, right where BB Bear is wearing the diaper. This small detail transforms the act of opening the package into a playful interaction, akin to putting on a diaper for a baby and adds a layer of enjoyment and interactivity to the overall experience, making it memorable and fun.

The handles on the outer packaging bag resembling the bear’s raised hands are another remarkable touch. Carrying the bag becomes a unique experience, almost like having a bear companion by your side. I feel that this adds character and vitality to the product, addressing the potential embarrassment many consumers feel when carrying diapers in public and it turns a mundane task into something delightful.

Keyobi’s emphasis on creating an intimate consumption experience is commendable. They’re not just focusing on visual aesthetics but also on solving practical problems. By doing so, they’re elevating packaging from being merely a means to hold a product to becoming an essential part of the overall consumer journey.

Company: Hangzhou Keyobi Baby Products Co., Ltd.
Design: Tiger Pan
Executive Design: He Yuxuan
Process design: Xie Zhangkun, Zhou Jinyan
Visual presentation: Tan Kelin, Zhu Yuling