First collaborative beer between a brewery and a design studio in Brazil.

In July 2022, Black Bottle was invited to participate in an unprecedented project in Brazil. Red Cap Society, a beer brand based in Balneário Camboriú, State of Santa Catarina, whose brand we at ‘Black’ had recently designed, called us to develop the first collaborative beer between a design studio and a brewery in Brazil. It is a series of 3 labels, with a horror theme, whose labels contain illustrations of the character Larry, Red Cap, Black Mamba and the bottle, symbols of Black Bottle. It is a project of great satisfaction and pride for us, as the product was widely accepted and evaluated by several opinion leaders in the beer industry, praised both for the beer and its art.

Fear, horror and larry.

On the first label, we worked on the tale of the Black Bottle, where Larry, the mascot of the Red Cap Society, finds a black growler that, when opened, would release great evil into the world. The language of this series called “Fear, Horror and Larry” was done with a very corroded and dirty style, with a black background. The execution of the details always with hard lines and few colors. It is a project that makes us proud to participate in this project that motivates us even more to create something of excellence.


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