LionPeng Design Studio


This is a wine product from Yunnan, China, called Bouquet Wine. Its production method is to use wild grapes grown in the valleys of Yunnan, which are brewed through ancient folk techniques passed down from generation to generation. For this reason, we define the temperament and tone of the product as a “primitive ancient method” to showcase the greatest feature of the product.

We use black opaque glass to create our wine bottles. In terms of decoration, we found fabrics produced by local rural women who have always adhered to the most primitive textile work. Purchasing locally produced fabrics can bring considerable income to rural women. After communicating with various local parties, we chose their fabrics as packaging forms for bottle covers. On the fabric, colors are paired with rich ethnic patterns, like flower bouquets scattered throughout the valleys of the local countryside. In this way, the bottle appears to have Yunnan ethnic characteristics while maintaining a strong wine aroma and lingering charm.

Curator’s Insight

This wine label design tells the story of Yunnan’s valleys, woven by skilled hands. The vibrant ethnic patterns resemble floral bouquets, mirroring the picturesque Yunnan countryside.