Cabello x Mure

Corre. San Fernando, 23400 Úbeda, Jaén, España

Hacienda Tucán is the name of an olive farm located in the center of Jaén (Spain). The name of this comes from the 80s, a time when the promoter’s father brought various animals to the farm, such as a chimpanzee and a toucan, so that they could live freely on it.

The idea of imagining a chimpanzee among olive trees seemed somewhat surreal to us and was the origin of this crazy and carefree collection of extra virgin olive oils that, through the imaginary world of the circus, create a perfect game for consumers looking for product quality. and differentiation.

For this, we worked on a wraparound label with glitter finishes that shows the images on the front with the total absence of the brand in order to have more narrative space. The brand is shown on the back with very careful elements so that the consumer can enjoy both the front label and the back label.

Curator’s Insight

The glittering label becomes the circus tent, the flavors are the various acts, and consumers are not just buying olive oil; they’re purchasing tickets to a culinary extravaganza.