Fevana Packaging and Branding


Hamburg, Deutschland

Brand Identity and Packaging Design for Fevana Organics

About the Brand

With four carefully coordinated food supplements made from natural ingredients, Fevana has developed a product that is intended to enable women to optimally supply themselves with the most important nutrients in all four phases of their menstrual cycle and balance their hormones in a natural way.

Addressing common concerns such as mood swings, menstrual pain, and skin issues caused by hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle, FEVANA’s supplement is developed in collaboration with gynecologists and food scientists – meticulously formulated with natural ingredients to support women’s health holistically.

The Challange

Charlotte and Anton, the founders of the start-up Fevana founded in 2022, were still in the middle of the product development phase when they commissioned Dominika with developing their brand identity and packaging design from scratch, giving the high-quality product a suitable face.

The Solution

On the results of a branding workshop held together with the customer, we developed a brand strategy positioning FEVANA on the threshold of the medical field, addressing an exclusive, female target group reflecting the rational, medical side of the brand as well as the pure and high quality of the product.

The packaging design expresses this through a purist, clear, form-reduced design language, in which a striking use of elegant typography focuses on the naming of the four products complemented by curved line illustrations and a warm, natural visual language at the corporate design level.

The generous use of white – the carrier surface for the striking corporate font aims to lend clarity and elegance to the brand and visually represents the pure, unadulterated nature the product stands for, rounded off by selected accents finished in gold on the product packaging.