Busti Gin – the Year of the Loong

As an outstanding representative of inheriting the British golden wine technology, the limited packaging of Busti gin in the Year of the Loong is dedicated to the perfect integration of traditional old Tom flavor and modern taste buds.

On the occasion of the Year of the Loong, we specially launched this exclusive packaging design for the Year of the Loong, aiming to bring you a double feast of vision and taste.

The inspiration for the design comes from China’s profound dragon culture. Dragon, as a symbol of the Chinese nation, represents strength, wisdom, and auspiciousness. We have incorporated this sacred creature into the packaging design, with a dragon pattern as the core element, which has been carefully designed and drawn.

These dragon patterns seem to spring out of ancient murals. They wind and hover, with agile postures, sparkling scales, and bright eyes, as if they can see through the depth of time. Every detail is full of artistic sense and unique craftsmanship. These dragon patterns are not only a continuation of ancient dragon culture but also a unique interpretation of the unique charm of Busti gin.

In terms of color, we have chosen gold and red as the main tones. Gold represents nobility and luxury, complementing the noble quality of Busti gin; Red symbolizes auspiciousness and festivity and perfectly matches the atmosphere of the Year of the Loong. We also spare no effort in selecting packaging materials. High-grade glass bottles and exquisite carton packaging are used to ensure that each bottle of Busti Gin the Year of the Loong Limited Edition can show its unique charm.