Vietnamese Fermented Pork Roll


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This is the packaging of Tran Phat Hoai Fermented Pork Roll, a long-standing brand with over 30 years of manufacturing experience. The objectives of the project are to deliver the brand story and present traditional traits of Vietnamese food.

Ideas for the packaging design:

The brand story is about the start-up journey of the founder 30 years ago. Thus, the main design is the illustration of a man riding a bicycle, this is a real picture of a Vietnamese street vendor in the period of the 1990s. By utilizing the hand drawing style, the illustration is unique and more authentic and conveys subtle nuances, which can resonate well with viewers.

Moreover, the design packaging emphasizes a traditional factor of Vietnamese food. The banana leaf is a necessary material for lots of traditional cuisine, including fermented rolls. It helps to enhance flavor, preserves moisture, and contributes to food safety. This is the reason to choose a green color for the packaging color (the packaging of Bi Fermented Pork Roll). Besides that, the packaging of another type (Hue Fermented Pork Roll) is pink which is inspired by the color of pork meat. The design also symbolizes the brand’s commitment to authenticity and heritage.


The combination of imagery and color ideas in Tran Phat Hoai Fermented Pork Roll packaging not only impresses consumers but also effectively communicates the brand’s story and values.