Tree Creative

Hà Nội, Việt Nam

FIT FOOD, one of Berlin (Germany)  most unique food brands pioneering in the field of “Fast Food 2.0”. The brand goal is to create and replicate a chain of flexible and modern food trucks. With the product proposition being quick and healthy sports food (healthy, fitness food and quickly), Fit Food target customers are often exercisers who seek a quick and convenient meal. Despite common assumptions, FIT FOOD “quick meals’ ‘ ensures strict nutritional value and appropriate energy levels for daily exercise activities. Fit Food’s main products are protein-rich milkshakes, using natural ingredients combined with vitamins rich fresh fruits and healthy minerals. From the brand name, Fit Food is reminiscent of healthy foods that protect consumers’ health. In particular, the FIT FOOD core values lie within its sustainability ​​and its responsibility to the environment and society as a whole. Therefore, Fit Food uses health-centric natural ingredients and a food truck system that operates entirely on solar energy, located around gyms, sports centers, and exercise centric areas providing the perfect convenient “quick meal” experience.

Taking inspiration from natural ingredients – fresh fruits, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, Tree Creative synchronizes its brand identity with berry motifs coupled with bright, vibrant colors that represent over-flowing, abundant energy. Brand recognizable patterns are synchronized from the logo design, brand publications, to product packaging, sales cart decoration, and even staff uniforms, making a strong impression on customers and increasing brand recognition from every touch point. Above all, the synchronization of the brand identity also brings a strong competitive edge when it comes to expanding the FIT FOOD chain and its franchise across Germany and eventually even Europe.