Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Hozhang Branding Design Corp
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Taiwan

To make oriental products with modern senses
Using landscape painting images to directly point out the Chinese Zen and the long history of oriental, and to bring out the misty and mountains geopolitical characteristics of Alishan. Light tea ink color links product features of clear, elegant fragrance, and being contrasted strongly with the use of bold colors, neat simple colored blocks, to emphasize modern fashion. We make the Eastern flavor with Western modernity, to let the international to identify the Orient tea culture.

To emphasize the differences of series products
Directly using main colors with color gaps, to emphasize the differences recognition of aroma and fragrance series products, the aroma uses yellow as the main color to link the mellow color and taste of tea. The fragrance uses blue as the main color to show the thin image and the color and taste of the tea. Making consumers directly and easily understanding and identifying the differences not only in words, but more in senses of the overall package, and strengthening the professional diversification of products.