Agency: JDO
Client: Lumene
Project type: Commercial
Location: UK

JDO re-launches Finnish beauty brand, Lumene
Finnish beauty brand Lumene has partnered with JDO Brand & Design to re-launch a new series of skincare and cosmetic ranges. These exceptional, natural products feature rare and potent ingredients that are sourced from the depths of the Finnish wilderness and transformed into pure and uncompromising skincare and makeup solutions.

Lumene is distinguished by a distinctive and unique beauty philosophy ‘beauty born of light’, inspired by the provenance of its ingredients and the natural skin luminosity they create. In the brand’s Nordic homeland, there is a naturally occurring phenomenon where arctic nature channels intense regenerative light each spring to create concentrated nutrients and antioxidants.

Steeped in 45 years of pharmaceutical expertise, Lumene is dedicated to pushing boundaries and developing natural skincare infused with rare and exceptional ingredients from the wilds of Finland that inspire authentic beauty rituals. Each variant in the new range uses an organic Finnish ingredient known to have naturally occurring but powerful therapeutic properties; polar spring water, antioxidant berries and nourishing tree root, to name a few.

Lumene has an honest take on authentic beauty. It’s about cheeks that glow, freckles that show and cheekbones that gleam. In a world where artificial claims and products promote fakery, Lumene celebrates naturally beautiful radiance, and encourages women to be true to themselves and their own, unique beauty.

“It’s natural beauty that is pure and uncompromising, not self-indulgent or complicated.
Lumene symbolises the natural strength born from the Finnish environment and the unmistakable glow that Finnish women take with them wherever they go.” said Michel Dallemagne, Lumene CEO.

Lumene partnered with JDO to bring the new brand proposition to life, working for twelve months to create a visual world that would leverage the brand’s heritage and provenance, as well as the arctic luminescence at its heart.

Developing a unique visual identity was imperative to stand out in an exceptionally competitive category. The new identity and pack design hero the ‘wheel of light’, a powerful and iconic new equity that was created to cue and connect the brand’s unique and rich Nordic provenance story across all touchpoints. JDO also created the brand’s entire retail experience for flagship, duty free and other channels. Crucially, the wheel of light has become a pivotal storytelling strategy for Lumene that will go on to help the brand convey natural Finnish beauty deeply distilled with luminosity in a consistent way.

The team sought inspiration outside of the beauty category and adopted ‘Nordic Chic and Style’ as the visual anchor for the skincare and makeup ranges. This vision borrows emerging trends from the fashion world, infused with simple Scandinavian and premium category cues to deliver solutions that enhance, not cover up.

Tim Jebb, JDO founder and chairman concluded:
“The Lumene re-launch had to be as unique as it was unified. Our design needed to excite and inspire women around the world with something new, but at the same time, leverage the brand’s rich heritage, natural products and values. Great design can evoke positive emotions and tell a story of integrity, authenticity, originality and unique beauty. The Lumene re-launch is a perfect accolade to that.”