Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Leaf Design
Principal Designer / Creative Director: Prayag Shah
Designer: Sourajit Sengupta
Illustrator: Sachin Ghanekar
Design Director + Water Illustration: Sandeep Ozarde
Design Director: Sumit Patel
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Adret Retail Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Mumbai, India
Packaging Contents: Tablets, Powder, Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Kapiva was built with a mission to transform the way people perceived Ayurveda. It sought to re-establish how Ayurveda is all about knowing, achieving and maintaining that harmony of good health, so that it can be accepted by masses as a general practice. Kapiva has built its products on the ethos that good health is a balance between nature and the human body – and thus its products are created through the union of both elements.

The packaging had a specific objective to infuse a vibrant, relatable and contemporary look. We built the system on five key premises: Users, Functionality, Aesthetics, Technology & Nature.

The packaging segmented a massive range of products by bringing it into a predictable system of colouring and patterns. While the hues stood out on the shelf, bold ink illustrations served as gentle reminders of the products being natural at heart.

The illustrations represented each product’s active substance and generated the consistent balance between technology and nature. The fonts along with the numerical identification system complemented the natural personality established by the brand’s name and logotype. Combined with clean layouts, the packaging reinforced the pure, practical and scientific character that permeated the brand.

The comprehensive product range was split into classical (prescribed medication) and OTC products (over the counter). This allowed a visual system that was both different for two categories, yet emerged from the same family. To be in step with that division, we crafted a diverse yet unified language that could be applied across a large range of products.

Designing packaging for a healthcare brand always needs to inspire trust in the consumer that the product will meet their specific needs. To stay true to that requirement, we designed an informative system that allowed one to identify the nature of the products in 3 simple steps: key description, composition, benefits. This information architecture enabled a clear pattern across all products.

Known for specialising in healthy living and natural food, it was vital for the packaging of Kapiva Juices to show the natural ingredients of its products in all its glory. Vibrant water color illustrations were used on the package front instead of pictures. The identity of solid color blocks was extended from the classical products to connote a clear communication between ingredients and the function of juice, making the messaging extremely clear to the user.

What’s Unique?
Our most comprehensive and complex assignment to date, and thus one of the most challenging. For Kapiva Ayurveda we developed a complete graphic identity from scratch and applied it to a wide variety of its private label range within different categories. More than 200 products – and counting – all with their hearts in the right place.

Ayurveda packaging typically reserves labels for name and ingredients as the traditional practice. Packaging for the range brought to life, the values of the apothecary look and feel. Blocking information as labels was supported with crisp typography and a vibrant colour system, allowing consumers to hone in on what they need. Ink illustrations of ingredients in the background brought alive the natural aspect of the products.