Creative Agency: Family (and friends)
Strategy Director: Derek Johnston
Creative Director: Alex Durbridge
Designers: Michael Hester, Conor McHugh
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Weed and Wonderful
Location: London, UK
Packaging Contents: Seaweed infused rapeseed oils, Seaweed supplements, Seaweed infused culinary essence
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, uncoated paper
Printing Process: Lithography, foil stamping, digital printing

“Seaweed isn’t weird, it’s wonderful!”

Family (and friends) is delighted to announce the launch of their latest brand creation, ‘Weed and Wonderful®’ – an exciting range of innovative, seaweed-based products.

Championed as ‘the food of the future’, just one teaspoon of seaweed has as much iodine as 12 mackerel, as much iron as 120g spinach and as much calcium as 60ml whole milk. It requires no land to grow, making it highly scalable and sustainable, as well as being entirely vegan.

The brains behind ‘Weed and Wonderful®’ is Dr Craig Rose, a marine biologist who harvests and processes the pure, wild Hebridean seaweed from which the products are made. Dr Rose came to Family (and friends) with the vision to harness these benefits and bring the wonders of seaweed to the mainstream market.

The disruptive name ‘Weed & Wonderful®’ was coined, celebrating the positive, surprising nature of seaweed and its properties, whilst normalising the notion of consuming what many people only know as a Chinese or Japanese delicacy.

“The key insight for us was that whilst seaweed is nothing new in our diet, the vast majority of consumers think vegetation from the sea is somewhat weird. Our drive is to help people discover the invaluable properties that it can offer for our health, as well as the taste experience” said Derek Johnston, Strategy Director.

The brand has launched with vegan supplement capsules, a culinary essence and a range of infused oils that can be added to a wide variety of dishes. All with the added health benefits of seaweed, the range exists to offer a wonderfully healthy and tasty way to get seaweed into your life.

“The visual identity illustrates gently swaying seaweed, anchored to the typography from which it grows. It’s an easily recognisable icon that has potential to stretch across many food categories, standing out in health stores and major retailers alike”, said Alex Durbridge, Creative Director

The brand was launched at the Natural Organic Products Europe show in April this year to great acclaim and has received positive interest from retailers, including a winning pitch to Holland and Barrett.

“Working with Family (and Friends), gave us the confidence to be bold, address the brief we had laid out, and decide on a way forward, which I am confident is going to bring great success” said Dr Craig Rose.

Family (and friends) created the brand positioning, brand strategy, naming, identity and packaging design for Weed & Wonderful®.