Ego, a pioneer of functional yoghurt in Slovenia, with a large assortment of unique recipes mixing fruits and vegetables, needed to keep up with modern consumers asking for new healthy experiences. For this reason, they are changing their positioning and moving towards the promotion of a natural lifestyle with the creation of a natural protein line among other novelties.

The challenge 

To find the right balance between the taste appeal of Ego’s products and the natural functionalities of its recipes and innovations.

The solution 

A new essence leading to a revolution. Verticality is the epicentre of a new design starting with the promise of a balance between deliciousness and functionality.  Made up of beautiful fruit visuals and bright colours, the result on the shelves creates a visual impact away from the typical codes of the category. Alongside the core range, emerges the natural protein line, highlighted in a transversal white colour in opposition to the extended usage of black, so typical in this category. All in all, an impactful new look ready to rock Slovenian dairy shelves.