Comfort Concentrated 3D

Derrick Lin


This latest project was sent in by our friends at REX design

The Brazilian agency REX Design has developed the packaging design for Unilever’s new launch of fabric conditioner in Argentina. Under the “Comfort Concentrado 3D”(“Comfort Concentrated 3D”) name, the product is three times more concentrated than the diluted version.

The project escapes from the visual design pattern of home and personal care products, approaching the cosmetics universe. “To attract consumers attention at point of sales, we have developed a layout with a technological look, inspired not in the cleanliness technology, but in the cosmetics one, creating icons which conveys the performance and the premium positioning of the product”, explains Gustavo Piqueira, REX Design’s partner and creative director of the project.
The new packaging design, printed in a sleeve film, integrates art with form, once
it moulds the PET bottle format – which also brings sinuous and refined shapes – helping to bear the concept of a high quality product and its effectiveness.