Tentation Vodka



Very elegant Vodka packaging sent in by Chloé. This is the latest work of Optima Brand Design, Global Communication Agency.
The job scope extends from Creation of brand identity, declension of communication on the whole concept to even designing of the glass shapes. Designed by the agency’s designer, Patrice Rouillard.

The new Tentation Vodka is soft and strong at the same time and aims at a female target but not only. The bottle is inspired from luxurious perfume shapes and under lines women’s ambiguity. Angel and Demon, Soft and Wild, Mother and Lover, Pure and Dark.

Its shapes are pure and harmonious and draw a delicate female corset. The elegance of this “Haute Couture” package emphasizes all the smoothness of the work and makes of this bottle, a jewel in a case. The real French Touch. A soft and glossed texture reveals a sensual touched.

A Vodka mid-Angel, Mid-Demon, delicate and strong, which bears proudly an evocative name, TENTATION, with only one idea :
“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it” (Oscar Wilde).