The 2009 Pentawards results is finally announced! And Kleenex’s “Slice of Summer” emerged as the Best of the Show of Pentawards 2009.

The greatest creative ideas are also the simplest. There’s nothing more banal (hygienic and practical) nowadays than paper tissues. Kleenex has emerged as the uncontested leader in this field. Up to now, the boxes too were banal, at most decorative. But now Kleenex (Kimberley-Clark Corporation) has broken the code and offers a fresh combination of structure and graphics in perfect harmony, christened “slice of summer.” A triangular box superbly illustrated – by Los Angeles-based illustrator Hiroko Sanders – with juicy fruits, watermelon, orange or lemon that look enticing enough to eat!

The international jury of the Pentawards made no mistake, because without any consultation, each of the 12 members and the chairman gave this creation the highest marks.

Here are the thoughts of Lars Wallentin, one member of the Jury:

“A professional designer appreciates something that is attractive, surprising, new, simple and devoid of useless information. The Kleenex “slice of summer” boast all of this at once. This packaging shows great maturity, because the consumer is not bombarded with information that he neither really needs nor wants.

I would like to have these Kleenex boxes on my desk, in the kitchen, in my car. I find them very attractive, full of joy and freshness. I want to go out and buy this packaging. And I wish to thank Kimberly-Clark. Because I am a packaging design professional, but also a consumer.”

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