Derrick Lin


Designed by Carter Wong Design, United Kingdom.

Café direct is unique in the Fairtrade sector in that they actually know the growers of their products.
This relationship is more than skin deep too – indeed many grower organisations have a shareholding in Café direct and two growers sit on the board. Café direct also invest half their profits to help growers achieve the highest quality.
So how do you express this symbiotic relationship on their new range of packaging without resorting to the obvious ‘men in straw hats’ approach?
Carter Wong Design’s striking and unusual solution features a variety of authentic growers’ tools to emphasize this partnership. The provenance is further authenticated by quotes from the owner of the tool on the front of pack and supported by a photograph of the individual on the back.
An invitation to the consumer to learn more about the community through the Café direct web site completes this link with the individual grower.
The logistics of realising this concept involved photo-shoots in Africa as well as Central America and fully exploited Café direct’s close connections with the grower communities.
The agency has also created Café direct’s exhibition in Whole Foods, the high street retailer. Entitled ’TasteFair’, this runs over the period of Fairtrade Fortnight.