Ginja d’ Óbidos

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Derrick Lin


Designed by NT.GJ, Portugal.

Ginja d’ Óbidos is a very traditional cherry liquor from the west of Portugal.
This is a concept for a premium liquor. This liquor is made exclusively from Óbidos cherries, a place in Portugal known of its fruits and for the medieval castle.
The design of the bottle is elegant, feminine and the graphics are very simple and modern. The simplicity of the design contrasts with the complexity of the product itself.

The liquor contains cherries inside and that makes a very interesting visual effect. Although this is a drink you can also eat it, as it contains cherries that gives a different and interesting experience to the user.
The predominant color is gold that coupled with strong red represents a high quality product.

Gold and red colors have always been connected with royalty, which highlights the premium quality of the product.
The logo is simple and the symbol represents the Castle of Óbidos, the village where the liquor comes from.
This design is a mix of visual effects, movements, colors and textures. Since the product itself, to cork stopper, the cherries and the strong golden color.

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