Derrick Lin


Designed by NTGJ, Portugal.

Beirão liquor is one of the most popular and traditional brands in Portugal. Everyone, from the businessman from Lisbon to the countryside farmer knows and drink this liquor. This proposal comes from the desire of surprising the market by launching a limited edition of 1,000 units,
A premium version which would assert itself as an excellent collector’s item or a great gift. 1000 is indeed a very small number, but our goal was to create a product unique and extremely exclusive. This exclusivity is exacerbated by the bottles are numbered (ie 203/1000).

The bottle has a very elegant design and is made of glass and then painted matte black. There are some transparent parts, from where you can observe the liquor.
The contrast between black and color of liquor gives a very strong and elegant look to the bottle.

The secondary packaging is made of card and inside, on a bed of foam, rests the bottle and two glasses. The glasses are painted matte black, also with a transparency on the side, following the design of the bottle.