Derrick Lin


Designed by Petar Pavlov, Macedonia.

After seeing my Doritos Packaging Concept, Salomon gave me an opportunity to create a packaging design for one of their new products EXO III CALF (Compression tights for calves) and an In-Store Display for the entire Exo Sensifit Range. 

There were several key points mentioned in the brief regarding the final solution:

  1. Primary target is the professional trail running community;
  2. The packaging should not look cheap;
  3. The consumer needs to be able to touch and stretch the product, which basically means that I can’t put it in a closed box;
  4. The packaging should stand out from the rest of the competition;
  5. The ExoSensifit logo (shown above) must be included.
  6. The packaging should work for all sizes (S, M, L, XL), both Regular and Long Version of the product.
  7. There’s a length difference of 11cm (4.3in) between the smallest size (33cm or 12.9 in) and the largest size (44cm or 17.3in). I minimized this difference with two simple folds.

The compression tights were placed in such a manner to represent the letter “X” in the EXO logo. The product was kept in place by two knitted elastic bands.

Many packagings have their size labeled on the back of the packaging. This makes it hard for the customer to find the right size instantly. That’s why I decided to place it on front. The proper size is underlined with a silver marker.

The dieline construction allows for the packaging to be folded and neatly closed upon purchase.

So the end result is a simple, practical and cost-efficient packaging that meets all of the required key points.

Besides the packaging, Petar Pavlov also developed an in-store display for the entire Exo Sensifit Range.