Derrick Lin


Designed by Mark Grey, Creative Director at Blue Nectar Design Consultants, United Kingdom.

Blue Nectar’s No. 1 is a limited edition ale designed by ourselves and brewed by one of our local brewery clients in the city of Derby, UK. The purpose of the ale was to produce a product that captures the essence of everything we do, creating compelling brands and putting them into beautiful packaging. The self initiated brief required us to create a design that stood out from the current offering that is seen within the UK ales market, whilst making what is often perceived as a rather old fashioned product more contemporary.

The core of Blue Nectar’s work is within the alcoholic drinks arena – making the production of a finely packaged limited edition ale an ideal platform to showcase our services. 300 bottles of Blue Nectar’s No. 1 were produced, each of them hand dipped in specially coloured wax, matching our brand colours. The medallion placed onto the neck compliments the surface texture of the wax cap very neatly. The digitally printed label onto GF Smith textured stock was blind embossed to create the contrast in surface finish.

Having recently exhibited at the Packaging Innovations Show in London we distributed the ale as a calling card to prospect clients. This worked to great effect and helped generate many quality leads.

The ale itself is a delectable, easy drinking 4.8%, malty traditional amber beer.