Derrick Lin


Designed by Storopack, Molding Division, Germany.

Two fragrance products by the name of “Zentropy” and “Goldskin” are the latest candidates to have been given a packaging makeover by Storopack. The special feature of the packaging concept used is the material: The fragrances are packaged in expanded polypropylene (EPP). The result: a sales presentation with a look and feel which is quite out of the ordinary for the cosmetics sector. The contrast between the beauty products and the technical material of the outer casing effectively underpins the statement made by each of the fragrances. “Zentropy” offers up a hint of oriental splendour, while the appeal of “Goldskin” is all about glamour and luxury.

The use of EPP for retail packaging is the special province of the team from the Storopack Molding Division in Mollet, Spain, where these two latest projects were managed. The experts in Mollet are keen to point out the benefits of using EPP in retail packaging. The advantages of using EPP include its capacity for implementing the most unusual shape ideas, and its low volumetric weight which is a bonus along the whole supply chain. The material is also insensitive to damage, and will remain unscathed even after being picked off the sales shelf several times.

“Goldskin” and its variations, “Smart Goldskin” and “White Goldskin” are part of the “Ramón Molvízar” brand by Béjar Signature (Sant Cugat, Spain). This company specialises in perfume products for the international luxury goods market. The fragrance, enhanced with gold leaf, its glass flask, shaped like a rough diamond and its packaging concept are aimed at the top market segment. Previously, the perfume was retailed in a collapsible box, whose special “home impact” effect was achieved using a wooden platform for the flask.

For the relaunch, the molding experts at Storopack suggested the use of expanded polystyrene with an elegantly laminated surface achieved by texturing. The base element doubles up as a platform. The slip-on lid fixes the flask in the packaging. The two parts are joined together by a printed card sleeve. As the producer had hoped, the new presentation creates a highly distinctive appeal at the point-of-sale. In the previous version, the flask sometimes damaged the box from the inside – a problem which has now been fully eliminated. The EPP provides great product protection even over long transportation distances.

The other fragrance “Zentropy” was required to launch for the pre-Christmas season 2010. Two items required packaging, a perfume flask made of glass and a metal aerosol can containing a spray deodorant. The manufacturer, Nelia Internacional Cosméticos, S.L. (Roquetas de Mar, Spain) opted to use a special variant of EPP in which the individual beads are cylindrical in shape with a continuous opening. The surface structure of the “porous EPP” (P-EPP) and the elegant grey shade combine ideally with the purity of the minimalist cardboard sleeve graphic design to create a truly attention-grabbing effect. This concept turns what is actually a simple box shape into an eye catcher on any shelf.

The Storopack team in Mollet had already been able to gather experience in retail packaging design in previous years. Projects completed in this field include two fragrance lines from fashion designers: For Roberto Verino and Carolina Herrera, whose perfume is produced by Antonio Puig. Also highly effective in terms of its shape, workmanship and functionality is the presentation box for Cava from Codorniu (Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain): the insulating properties of EPP mean the attractive packaging also serves as a cooler.